HOO RAY - Cheeks released! Fully Funded!

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I wonder if marketing recipe is one part panic, one part copy, dash of what the f, bake and cross your fingers?

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Your post meets my needs for truth, honesty, feeling feelings, clarity and awe so many gifts received of being in community creating.

I am offering a few data resources if they are welcome as an ackowledgment of the truth of those clenched butt cheeks, an appreciation for the dark humor of the reality of those cheeks - and just naming how hard it is as a creator to ride the funding curve for any crowdsource project. I see how hard you are working and am cheering for your absolute success.

Article that analyzed a bunch of crowdsource campaigns: https://medium.com/@daniel.kupka/we-analyzed-331-000-kickstarter-projects-here-s-what-we-learned-about-crowdfunding-success-63b341b025ac

A company (I am not endorsing just the best article I could find on the funding curve without diving too deep) discusses the known phenomenen of the funding curve: https://www.crowdcrux.com/how-to-understand-the-kickstarter-funding-curve/

A research gate graphic on KS funding curve: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/A-graph-showing-funding-progress-of-a-typical-kickstarter-campaign-and-its-projection_fig1_346478237

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May 18, 2023Liked by Betje

I can only imagine it's a bum squeaky time! I am so looking forward to celebrating the book. Also, have loved your travel stories, great insights and detail 😀

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