Who and what is this?

My name is Betje (pronounced 'Betcha') and I’ve been an illustrator and cartoonist for 20 years.

Here on Substack I share comics about what it’s like to be me: I love my children and often want them to leave me alone. I care deeply about climate change but also feed my son salami sandwiches because he eats nothing else and he’s skinny. I know success has little to do with numbers and dollars and yet would like the graphic novel I’m writing to make me rich and famous.

That’s the human experience isn’t it? We don’t really make sense and that’s where it gets interesting. Life is messy and weird but way more fun if we share our experiences.

What happens when I subscribe?

You don’t need to go to Substack to read my work, it lands right in your inbox. Once every two weeks I send a free email. It shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to read, I know you’re probably brushing your teeth while you scroll through.

If you consider yourself a fan, you can become a paying subscriber and get a few emails a week. Those are single page comics, like a page from my sketchbook.

I would love for you to join.


Comic artist, professional oversharer, half-ass climate activist.