Who and what is this?

My name is Betje (pronounced 'Betcha') and I’ve been an illustrator and cartoonist for 20 years.

Here on Substack I share comics about the things that occupy my brain: plants, my family, creativity, climate change, random strangers who yell at me… It’s best to dig around in my archive to see if you can relate to my work!

What happens when I subscribe?

You don’t need to go to Substack to read my work, it lands right in your inbox. My emails go out once or twice a week, but only if I feel what I have to share it worth your time.

If you consider yourself a fan, you can become a paying subscriber and get more. That might be behind the scenes, process or an occasional extra comic.

I would love for you to join, paid or free!

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Auto bio comics from an imperfect climate activist, overthinking enthusiast, professional oversharer.


Comic artist, professional oversharer, overthinking enthusiast, imperfect climate activist.