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Let's be brave...


I received a package in the mail yesterday. I didn’t order anything, so I assumed it was for a neighbor when I took it from the mailman. It wasn’t. My heart skipped a beat when I realized what it was. Part was excitement, part was dread. The excitement comes from the fact that I can invoice the publisher once the book is published.

I illustrated a book early in the year and it finally arrived. I think you’re supposed to jump around and create an Insta reel while unpacking? I unpacked it, looked at the cover (looked good) and put it aside, like I always do.

I will look at my work at some point, but it’s about as much fun as trying on a bikini and then looking in the mirror. Even if you know exactly what it looks like, you still feel disappointed somehow.

Ironically, this book is about being brave. Sometimes feeling scared is a good thing, like when you’re encountering a dog that seems aggressive. Sometimes it’s a bit silly. That’s why I made a video so we can have a look together.

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